Making Filigree Earrings

It’s earring making time again.

Since I am in tutorial mode, I decided to document the fabrication process so sit down, relax and enjoy the picture show.

Materials  and some tools I used:

Filigree wire
Easy silver solder
Flat and round nose pliers, flush cutters
Brass brush
Soldering station (torch, propane, oxygen, the works).
2 Swarovski 6mm channel set crystals


1. Cut 2 pieces of filigree wire to measure 3 3/8″ long with flush cutters.


2. File both edges flat to remove the grooves the flush cutter left behind.

3. With a ring mandrel set the center of the wire on the size 10 mark and bend wire so that the joints touch.

4. Flux, and “easy” solder the joint. Quench in water and Pickle.

5. Re-shape it with the mandrel and flat nose pliers. Give it a nice teardrop shape.

6. Make 3 coils for each earring turning the wire as snug as possible.

7. Now make 6 round jump rings. Close 4 that will be soldered into the earring and leave the remaining 2 open.

8. Solder the parts together and pickle.

9. Using a brass brush in a mandrel, carefully clean between the wires. Clean in the ultrasonic for 2 minutes.

10. Attach the stones using the remaining 2 jump rings… and voila!


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