My First Jewelry Party!

I am so happy, I did my first “show”! It may seem small for some of you (and me), but it was a complete hit!  I guess the fact that it was exclusively held for family members ensured its success. Ha, ha!  🙂

I exhibited some old pieces as well as some new creations, and they were all greatly received. My most popular item of the day was my personalized “mom” necklace.  I got so many orders for those I could barely keep up! I’m so happy the ladies loved it!

I also tested my Square Card reader for the first time and boy, that thing is awesome! Some of my aunts and cousins couldn’t believe I accepted credit cards on the spot! I was also very pleased with its ease of use and how fast the money was deposited in my account. If you are thinking of getting one, you should!

Right now I’m working on creating more pieces for a bigger event I have in mind for November. I will keep you updated as new details develop. After the success of my first party, I’ve been bitten by the craft show bug so stay tuned for where I will be next!



Adriana Lyden next to her  jewelry designs.

Adriana W. Lyden next to her jewelry designs.

p.s. Thank you so much to everyone who attended my party! You help me believe in myself and my craft.


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