AWL on Daytime Television!

AWL Jewelry made it to daytime television! My Toothpick Sword Necklace© will be worn from now on by the characters in the Spencer Family on the daytime soap: The Bold and the Beautiful. The sword is of special meaning to the family, and the characters never take it off. It is a mayor accomplishment and I am very proud my jewelry caught the eye of the show’s producers.

Needless to say, I am beyond myself and couldn’t be happier!

You can watch the official Spencer Family Sword Necklace being worn by very handsome actors every weekday at 1:30pm on CBS.  Yay!

Actor Don Diamont wearing Always With Love

Actor Don Diamont wearing AWL Jewelry

Bold & the Beautiful Official Spencer Family Sword Necklace

Bold & the Beautiful Official Spencer Family Sword Necklace


11 thoughts on “AWL on Daytime Television!

    • Hi Charles! Yes, I will be accepting orders for the sword soon. I will be away from my jewelry studio for a few weeks but starting August 17th, I will be back and able to take orders again. Sorry for the inconvenience!

      • Hi Adriana,

        Is it possible to contact you or vise versa to order the sword necklace? And is shipping to Europe possible?

        Thnx and hope it will be available soon

      • No problem Adriana. Thankyou for responding. I definitely would like to have the sword necklace. You definitely know what men like. Will talk soon. Lol Charles

  1. Hi Adriana
    Love the sword necklace. I think it is a very sexy piece of jewelry that a man can wear. I know I’m really late, but was just wondering if it’s still available..

  2. Would like to have the sword necklace that bill spencer wears on the bold and beautiful! Do you still have them? Thanks! Cathy

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