AWL on Daytime Television!

AWL Jewelry made it to daytime television! My Toothpick Sword Necklace© will be worn from now on by the characters in the Spencer Family on the daytime soap: The Bold and the Beautiful. The sword is of special meaning to the family, and the characters never take it off. It is a mayor accomplishment and I am very proud my jewelry caught the eye of the show’s producers.

Needless to say, I am beyond myself and couldn’t be happier!

You can watch the official Spencer Family Sword Necklace being worn by very handsome actors every weekday at 1:30pm on CBS.  Yay!

Actor Don Diamont wearing Always With Love

Actor Don Diamont wearing AWL Jewelry

Bold & the Beautiful Official Spencer Family Sword Necklace

Bold & the Beautiful Official Spencer Family Sword Necklace

9 thoughts on “AWL on Daytime Television!

    • Hi Charles! Yes, I will be accepting orders for the sword soon. I will be away from my jewelry studio for a few weeks but starting August 17th, I will be back and able to take orders again. Sorry for the inconvenience!

      • Hi Adriana,

        Is it possible to contact you or vise versa to order the sword necklace? And is shipping to Europe possible?

        Thnx and hope it will be available soon

      • No problem Adriana. Thankyou for responding. I definitely would like to have the sword necklace. You definitely know what men like. Will talk soon. Lol Charles

  1. Hi Adriana
    Love the sword necklace. I think it is a very sexy piece of jewelry that a man can wear. I know I’m really late, but was just wondering if it’s still available..

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