About Me

Hello there! I’m Adriana Lyden and I’m the designer behind AWL Jewelry. I’m also a dog lover, hiker, coffee drinker, reader and dreamer. I share my life with my wonderful husband of 6 years and our 11 year old Shepherd mix, Rocco.

I have created this blog to let you in on what happens during the fabrication process of my jewelry. I like to take pictures with my iPhone as I work and document the steps I take into creating a piece. I do this for me (I like to document everything) and for readers out there who are interested in how I make stuff or for those who don’t understand why handmade jewelry is so special and unique.

Everything I make is  all very dear to me and each piece of jewelry teaches me new techniques and helps me get better at this thing I call my passion.

Everything you see here is made in my studio in sunny Miami, Florida and for sale on my Etsy Store.

You can also find me on Facebook by visiting my page AWLJewelry.

I look forward to your comments on my posts, hope you like it.

always with love,

Adriana Wiesner Lyden



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Adriana,

    My daughter is a young jewellery designer in South Africa. A few years ago someone asked her to make some rings with the names of her children on them, which she did. However another local jewellery designer is now claiming to have the copyright in name rings and is trying to prevent her from making hers and threatening to take her to court – which I think is very unfair, since my daughter did not copy her design. Name rings are really such a basic design and have been around for centuries.

    I found your own Custom Bar Nameplate Ring on etsy.com which are similar to those made by my daughter, and it seems that you have been making them for many years. Would you be able to tell me if you have the copyright to the name ring designs you use, and also when you first started making them. Also, do you personally have any objection to my daughter making name rings.

    I would be most grateful for your assistance


    Jeff Dooley

    • Hi Jeff!
      I’m very sorry your daughter is going through this. As you said, name rings are very common. Unfortunately, I don’t know about South African copyright laws so I can’t be of much help. All I know is that these rings are very popular and I certainly don’t have any objections to anyone making them! 🙂

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