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Presenting the new Bohometric Collection designed and created by me for Always With Love, Inc.  It combines the bohemian spirit with geometric shapes and adds color for an earthy essence. Boho chic at its best.

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Bubble Earring and Ring Set

Here are some pictures (taken with my iPhone) that show you how I made my latest jewelry set. The pictures demonstrate how I made the earrings first, and then the ring. The fabrication process required many steps and here I show you the most important ones.

The order of pictures goes from left to right.

Oh, my Jewelry Photographer is out of town which means that the final earrings pic will come soon! For now, enjoy the process and the finished ring pic professionally shot by Pixeltoaster Studios!

earring and ring tutorial2.

earring and ring tutorial23.

earring and ring tutorial34.

earring and ring tutorial4




Always With Love - Silver Bubbles ring

Citrine Flower Ring

Many of us don’t understand the value of handmade jewelry. This is because we don’t know how much time, material and work goes into finishing a single piece. We are used to everything being machine made or mass produced and we drift towards less pricey items. To give you an idea of why handmade jewelry is priced higher than mass produced items, I will show you the steps I took to make a sterling silver flower ring.


1. After making a brass prototype of the flower petals, the band, and the bezel, I proceed to make molds of each individual piece and inject them with wax. The ring consists of 3 parts making it more time consuming and challenging.

wax models

wax models

2. I cast the wax models in Sterling Silver.

Castings ready to be cut and finished.

Castings ready to be cut and finished.

3. Cut, file, sand, and polish the castings. Assemble the 3 part flower ring (band, bezel, & petals) and solder.

Ring ready to be soldered.

Ring ready to be soldered.

4. Once all 3 parts are soldered and connected, its time to set the stone. I melt dop wax in a ring clamp, insert the ring in it and place the citrine in the bezel. Then with an electrical hammer, I hammer the bezel down so that the metal covers the stone completely. This has to be done very carefully or else you could break or chip the stone. Can you see the hammer marks on the metal around the stone?

Ring in dop wax after hammering the bezel.

Ring in dop wax after hammering the bezel.

5. File and sand the hammer marks off.

notice the metal around the stone is smooth now.

Notice the metal around the stone is smooth now.

6. Remove from ring clamp and soak in paint thinner to get rid of residual wax. Clean. Do a final polish if needed, and Done!

Finished flower ring.

Finished flower ring.

As you can see, this  its not a piece that can be finished in one day. It requires time, patience and lots, and I mean LOTS of work. 🙂

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