Bubble Earring and Ring Set

Here are some pictures (taken with my iPhone) that show you how I made my latest jewelry set. The pictures demonstrate how I made the earrings first, and then the ring. The fabrication process required many steps and here I show you the most important ones.

The order of pictures goes from left to right.

Oh, my Jewelry Photographer is out of town which means that the final earrings pic will come soon! For now, enjoy the process and the finished ring pic professionally shot by Pixeltoaster Studios!

earring and ring tutorial2.

earring and ring tutorial23.

earring and ring tutorial34.

earring and ring tutorial4




Always With Love - Silver Bubbles ring


Double Bezel Ring

On a rainy Sunday, I started to mess around with some leftover 14 gauge round silver wire I had in my drawer.  I rounded it twice against a steel ring mandrel and when I looked at it, something clicked in my head and that’s when I new exactly what I wanted to do.

I took two oval cabochons, one amethyst, the other blue topaz, and made silver bezels for each of them. For the bezels I used flat 20 gauge sheet and 18 gauge square wire to make a seat for the stone.

I soldered the bezels into the ring, not as easy as I thought it was since everything has to line up perfectly and the heat of the flame tends to move things when you least expect it.

Once the soldering was over, I pickled and removed the flux and oxidation.

Then I sanded the silver with 220, 400, and 600 grit sand paper. I placed the stones in the bezel just to see how it would look. I can’t set the stones until the piece is polished thoroughly.

I pre-polish using brown tripoli and do my final polish with yellow rouge.

finished ring

I set the stones… and voila! It’s done.